Alireza Sharifi

Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering
Major: Flight Dynamic and Control
Project: "Development and Implementation of Multiple Model Filter for Online Identification and Compensation of Atmospheric Disturbances in Automatic Landing of Fixed Wing UAV"
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2020.
Ms.c. Aerospace Engineering
Major: Flight Dynamic and Control
Project: "Design and Real-time Implementation of Automatic Landing Algorithm for a Quadrotor under the Ground Effect"
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2013.

I live in Tehran, Iran. I received a Ph.D and a Ms.c. from sharif University of Technology, all in Aerospace Engineering. My research interests mostly focuse on control theory, control implementation, embedded systems, and computer intelligence. My work experience also includes the aerospace, process control, filtering, guiadance and navigation of aerial vechiles.

Research Interests:

◉ Flight Dynamics ◉ Navigation ◉ Control Theory
◉ State Estimation ◉ Guidance Theory ◉ Evolutionary Algorithms
◉ Implementation of Controller Algorithms ◉ Implementation of Nonlinear Filters

Teaching Interests:

  • Undergraduate Lectures:
    ◉ Introduction to Aerospace Engineering ◉ Probability and Statistics ◉ Automatic Control
    ◉ Control Systems Lab ◉ Precision Components Workshop ◉ Flight Dynamics I
    ◉ Flight Dynamics II ◉ Helicopter Aerodynamics ◉ Controller Design for Helicopter
    Graduate Lectures:
    ◉ Advanced Mathematics I ◉ Advanced Mathematics II ◉ Heuristic Optimization Algorithm
    ◉ Application of Probabilities in Aerospace Engineering ◉ Optimal Control I ◉ Optimal Control II
    ◉ Flight Dynamics II ◉ Stochastic Control ◉ MPC Control
    ◉ Modeling and Simulation ◉ Advanced Flight Dynamics ◉ Modern Control
    ◉ Modern Control Lab ◉ Guidance and Navigation I ◉ Guidance and Navigation II
    ◉ Nonlinear Filter ◉ Guidance Lab ◉ Navigation Lab

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